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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bored on a sunny evening

This evening was so nice out!  The sun was shining and it wasn't too hot, and these two silly girls were out having fun while the two littles were sleeping.  So we decided to take a few pictures just for fun.  I'm so glad they are friends.  They can sure fight like sisters but they also love to be with each other and have fun and share secrets like sisters should.  They both have become such beautiful girls!
 photo IMG_4641_zpsb7cbe378.jpg

 photo IMG_4644_zpse1b6742b.jpg

 photo IMG_4633_zps28b5d516.jpg
 photo IMG_4627_zpscbff579b.jpg

 photo IMG_4622_zps24358c19.jpg

 photo IMG_4615_zpsc7624960.jpg

 photo IMG_4612_zps619a251a.jpg
Then they had to take a little break in between shots for a ride on the bike and scooter.
 photo IMG_4603_zpsbdaf023c.jpg
McKenna's eyes are so gorgeous!
 photo IMG_4597-1_zps073d7e98.jpg
 photo IMG_4582_zps62f1c751.jpg

 photo IMG_4595-1_zps4f04df81.jpg

 photo IMG_4579-1_zpsfaea5cd4.jpg

 photo IMG_4592_zpsd74b873a.jpg

 photo IMG_4577_zpsee131a54.jpg
My girls are growing up so fast!  Oh how I love them!!


Justin and Stacey said...

They are getting so old!! These pictures are super cute. And see...the weather in Idaho isn't always bad! :)