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Friday, October 5, 2012


Then there is Megan!!  This little two and a half year old keeps me on my toes!!  She is very spunky! Her hair is always crazy because she won't ever leave it in!  We will do it in the morning and she will look so cute and a half hour later she has it all ripped out and she is looking like a lipnicky!!  But I will still keep her.  
She is really into dressing up in all of our princess dresses too!  She is a pretty princess even with that crazy hair!  I also can't pay her to keep her shoes on so even though you can't see in the picture I would bet money she has no shoes on!
She is very thoughtful and always bringing me flowers even after I have asked her not to pick my flowers about a hundred million times, but it is still sweet she wants to bring her  mom a flower so I don't get too mad.
I mean how can you get mad at that smile!  haha
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Oh and most of all, this girl loves sippy cups more than ANYTHING!  I don't know how I am going to get rid of those babies!  But for now she is still just two so I let her use them.  We love Megan and her little spitfire personality.