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Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July

So on the 4th we just had a fun just the four of us day. We took the girls to the zoo in the morning and then went to lunch and went and bought some fireworks. We just got on the ground ones and sparklers so that we didn't start a field on fire or something. It was a fun day.



Then we just sat on our front yard and watched the fireworls that were all over. It was perfect up on our hill because you could see everywhere.






Genny said...

Wow! Mady looks so big. Her hair is so curly and cute!

Justin said...

Madison's hair is so cute! She has more hair than McKenna now!! haha...I LOVE her curls! Looks like you guys had fun!! Can't wait to see you!!! Love ya!

*Danette said...

Maddy's hair is adorable!

Matt, Stephanie and Hayden Berglind said...

Amen! Madison's hair is to die for! I can't believe how long it it. She looks a lot like your cousin Shelby, I think. So cute!