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Monday, June 15, 2009

McKenna's new favorite

McKenna has been playing T-ball this year and has loved it! I have a video to post later but couldn't get it to work just yet. So I will keep working on that. Anywho...she has had a ton of fun with it and we are down to our last week of it. She will be sad when it's over.
Her little team.
Concentrating really hard!
Made it to first!

McKenna's fans!
Almost home!


annab98022 said...

Looks like tons of fun Mckenna. Wish we could be there to watch. Maybe you can talk Grandpa into playing when we come to visit. I like your fan club too.
It's always great to have a following. You look like a pro t baller. Love ya, Grandma B

Justin and Stacey said...

Hooray for an update!!! :) Mckenna looks super cute playing t ball! How fun.

Way to go Mckenna...you are so awesome at t-ball! I wish we could come and watch as well. Good luck with the rest of your games! We love you!