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Friday, February 8, 2008

McKenna and her boyfriend!

This was the funniest thing ever! Our friends grandkids come over sometimes and play and this time McKenna was smitten with this little boy named Matt. They were so funny. They played forever and when Matt thought no one was looking her would call her "Sweetie". Travis was getting a little nervous and was getting ready to have a talk about "what every man needs to know about being a man".


Holly & Shane said...

How funny! He better watch out..

Justin and Stacey said...

I'd look out if I were you! Boys this early could mean trouble for the future!!! He is a cute little boy. :)

Liberty Williams said...

Young love! This is just preparing you for when she is older and the boy's are knocking down the door to go out with her.

Karli said...

so cute. especially what travis was going to do. you can tell he's going to be pretty protective of his little girls!

my mom said she would love to have you help her a little with photoshop (it's her program-i just use it sometimes) and of course my sisters were so excited to think that your girls might be coming over sometime. (: i'll let you know. and, i'd love to have you take some pictures sometime...maybe of me and grayson together? anyway, let me know what your schedule is like and we'll get together... i'm pretty much home everyday this week except friday and saturday. post on my blog or e-mail and we can chat. (: thanks!

Liberty Williams said...

You've been tagged! Check out my blog and go from there...Enjoy! Later yo!