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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

For Talia

So yesterday I got to hang out with my friend Talia and take some pictures of her girls and a few of mine. It was so much fun because all the pictures kept turning out so great. Talia wanted a western feel to them and let me just say thank you Nyssa. I love run down old towns! Hope you like them!


Tori said...

wow steph good job! arent you so happy that you discovered the grandness of nyssa taking my senior pictures? no need to thank me ;) haha youre amazing steph, the pictures look adorable!
love tor

Angie Penrose said...

these are cute!

Jenn McCray said...

WOW! Those are such great pics! You are so talented! I just love ALL of them!

Justin and Stacey said...

Love the little cowboys/girls! My favorite is the one where they are looking in the store window. I love that one!!! SO CUTE!