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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Camping in the Winter

So my parents got the girls some sleeping bags for Christmas and so the girls have been wanting to go camping so they could use them. So for family night we built a tent in the front room and got out their sleeping bags. We left the front open so they could watch a movie and they even ate marshmallows. It was pretty stinkin cute. Travis even slept out there with them all night.

They were out cold. Oh the days when we could sleep anywhere and it would be comfortable!


Anonymous said...

That is funny!!! Cool sleeping bags.. That looks like fun. Now you know they can sleep in them. I love the middle picture. Love- Grandma and Grandpa Brownell

Justin said...

Justin and Jack have been wanting to have a campout in his new tent and sleeping bag. I will have to show him these pictures and get him excited! Cute idea with the marshmallows and a movie!