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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Funny story

So I just have to tell this little story real quick before I go to bed. Last night I was driving home and the girls were in the back seat. Madison was asleep and McKenna was next to her and I saw McKenna start to poke her so I said:

ME: "McKenna don't you dare wake up your sister!"

McKENNA: "Mom, it's OK! I am a trained professional!"

I don't think that I have laughed that hard in a really long time! She makes me laugh so hard. Every day is a new adventure with her.


Ali said...

That is priceless! Luv you.

Holly & Shane said...

That is so funny! I love stories like that. I can't wait to meet your girls.

Kristin said...

Ran across your blog and can't believe your little family, your girls are adorable! Keep in touch-
Love, Kristin

Angie Penrose said...

What a goof ball! :) She makes me smile.

Emily said...

Brownell--this is Emily Nelson (George) from Cincinnati. Waldmann gave me your blog site. Your little girls are beautiful! You'll have to check out my blog--even though I'm not great about posting very often.


Hope things are going great for you guys. --Emily

aaron & rachel smith said...

DUDE!! I don't even know how I got from my blog to yours. It's easy to get lost out there in the blogging world. But I am SO GLAD I found yours!! Your girls are so stinkin' cute! Happy to see you so happy!

Liberty Williams said...

That is hilarious!!! Kids say the darndest things! By the way - I don't hate you, I could never hate you!!!

Taylor said...

wow that is so funny you have no idea how hard i laughed when i read that! (by the way this is taylor foote)